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She knew that her failure to produce a male heir for Henry had placed her in a tricky position. Anne was unable to supply a male heir for Henry, there were only several miscarriages, a still birth and the illegitimate Elizabeth, who was conceived before they married. And does the fact that I’m still here suggest they’re not as important to me as I’d like to think? In fact she had two finger tips on the end of one finger. Anne was gifted musically – her extra finger tip must have made her a mean harpsichord player. Zara Tindall, the daughter of the Princess Royal, Pink Durag is expecting her third child with former England rugby player Mike Tindall. Anne was a great card player and she won lots of money and other things when she played with Henry. Henry was so enchanted he named the creator of the cake maid of honor.

Henry proposed marriage to her sometime in 1527 (probably around New Year), while he sought a divorce from Catherine of Aragon. It was in order to marry Anne that Henry divorced his first wife, Catherine of Aragon and thus initiated the quarrel with the Pope that led to the English reformation. However, Anne’s lack of success on the child bearing front was causing concern and when she miscarried for the last time, Henry thought the marriage was damned. If it does become a problem, however, Wes Sharpton of Hairstory suggests keeping some dry shampoo, also known as hair powder, to hand. Kidding (kinda) but no one wants to go through all the work of putting their hair up, wrapping or pineappling it, and then waking up in the morning, cheap designer durags well-rested but also serving Beetlejuice hair. But then … suddenly… they’re kissing! Then wham, the song kicks into this awesome triplet bass drum beat, with the words “I love you, I hate you”, repeated against the beat.

And even if they answered you with fancy words and catchy phrases, you still wouldn’t care. In other words if Anne had been born with a double chin and cauliflower ears maybe the Church of England would never have been born. Later tradition would claim that the Boleyns were practically middle-class, but recent research has proven that Anne Boleyn was born a “great lady”. She was a great animal lover and had a dog called Purkoy. Later in life this ability to attract fanatical male devotion back-fired spectacularly when she found herself the object of feverish unrequited love from a Dutch musician in her household called Marc Smeaton. Actor Vidya Balan called up Pavail Gulati, the male lead in Taapsee Pannu’s Thappad, to congratulate him on his performance. Truth be told, the long term effects of using these chemicals on the scalp are not known but many people believe that it can lead to permanent hair damage, hair loss, scalp burns, and permanent skin damage. How often are you going to hear about that on the national nightly news or the morning coffee chat shows?

None of her ladies-in-waiting could break the news. He wants to focus on basketball, but seeing as how he’s been at the center of multiple love triangles for weeks, he probably wants a break from the flurry of flirting that has been thrown his way. Fluent in French, some of Anne’s love letters between her and Henry were in French. She refused to become the King’s mistress, but began a correspondence with him, (The Vatican library preserves 12 love letters he wrote to her). Anne’s coronation on June 1, 1533 was marked by the people’s hostility, and the crowds refused to remove their hats as a sign of respect for their new queen. Anne refused to be blindfolded and the executioner found her so disarming he persuaded someone to attract her attention so he could steal up silently behind her to carry out the death penalty. So in terms of aesthetics, durags come out on top. Take it from Thomas; there’s no need to shell out for an ultra-expensive, sustainably produced T-shirt when you could buy from a thrift store or trade with a friend and still be equally — or even more — environmentally friendly. It’s still a pretty popular film and it focuses on an aspect of high school that not a lot of teen movies do.

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