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The DuraGal Flooring System is readily available through a national network of OneSteel and Metaland businesses, which can assist with your project requirements. It can take a lot of work to achieve the twists style, so most people want to make it last as long as possible. You have to make it clear that this is not just a way to communicate pain but a way to inflict pain. OneSteel’s DuraGal Flooring System has enjoyed more than 15 years of market acceptance, and recent trends towards more environmentally conscious building have only heightened its appeal. The Duragal Flooring System reduces site excavation work, therefore saving money on site preparation costs, including retaining walls and drainage. No on-site welding is required, with the entire structure able to be pre-cut and delivered to site for assembly, requiring only a Tek screw gun for construction. Plus the strength of steel allows for greater spans and reduces the impact of site works and sediment control issues.

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