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From Kangol to Gucci and from corduroy to faux-leather, these are the bucket hats we think you’ll be wearing from spring to summer and beyond. The best royal hats defy explanation. The Duchess of Cambridge embodied her commoner status with her off-the-rack wardrobe, wearing Reiss and Issa, which allowed a new generation of royal watchers to see themselves within this storied institution. The Queen, and now the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex, use it to their advantage, selecting pieces that support their efforts. It has always been a spiritual part of us from then until now. “This is a team that’s been on the edge of something special for a while now and the higher ups in the organization deemed me as someone that could help them get higher. Or they have escaped it all by becoming the token member of a super team, or by joining a top-secret government organization.

“We have spent the morning sat with Noah explaining and answering any questions Noah had – what’s the gold hat? Rep. Lauren Boebert, the Republican who represents Aspen as part of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, also chimed in Thursday morning tweeting: “It’s a shame to see this in Colorado in this day and age. While the meaning behind the Queen’s colorful wardrobe is pretty well known, durag there’s another regular part of her look that’s laden with deeper and sometimes hidden meanings: Her brooches. And then you might read about how she helped build that garden as part of her commitment to early childhood education and a belief in the benefits of outdoor play. It was Victoria who helped codify the nuances of grief fashion and maintained her identity as the “perpetual widow,” according to Strasdin. Victoria’s eternal show of grief was unpopular with her subjects as it encouraged a more rigid dress code, Strasdin notes. The stages of grief were indicated by fabric choice, color and adornment.

Sometimes, I prefer just one pop of color over an all-over bold outfit. Because of her, over 400 women of color have expanded their professional opportunities within the company or have been promoted as a result. But more recently we have seen glimpses that suggest the princes recognise the opportunity fashion presents. Since stepping away as a senior working royal and moving to the US earlier this year, we have seen her continue to embrace these tenets. The People’s Princess primed us to devour royal fashion, so that when a university student named Kate Middleton entered the conversation in the early 2000s, there was an eager audience. Like any mother, she’s even chauffeured her children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne, as well as her husband, Prince Philip. Where will Prince Philip be buried? Prince Charles was celebrated for a charming interview with British Vogue on how he has worn the same pieces for decades, and he has launched a capsule sustainable fashion collection with The Prince’s Foundation and Yoox Net-a-Porter.

The British royals—they’re just like us. She has relied on a select group of British designers to craft her image with bespoke creations, from Norman Hartnell and Hardy Amies early on to Stewart Parvin and Angela Kelly, her dresser and close aide, today. She learned the language of clothes from editors at British Vogue and ran with it, wearing textures and shapes such as piecrust collars and voluminous shoulders that photographed well. Kids grow out of clothes so quickly! According to Lemon Lime Adventures, when kids are told “I love you” after expressing a big emotion of hate, they are somewhat caught off guard. Celtics rookie guard Payton Pritchard grew up in the Portland area and played for Oregon. Seeing is believing, as the Queen well knows, and clothing plays a central role in carrying out royal duties. While researching my new book, HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style, it became clear to me how individual yet intertwined these four women’s approaches to fashion are.

Over the decades, the impractically-long mourning wardrobe traditions went out of style, but Victoria’s influence is still present in modern royal mourning periods, from the austere colors to the rigid adherence to dress codes. The monarch famously wears bright, eye-grabbing outfits in a rainbow array of colors so that she’s easy to spot at events—seriously. Though it was customary to return to a normal wardrobe following the years-long grieving period, Queen Victoria persisted in wearing black mourning outfits for the rest of her life. The Queen has set the sartorial stage over her 68-year reign, approaching her wardrobe as a uniform that brings calm in the most turbulent of times. In the Victorian era, “even really small details of dress indicating what stage of mourning you’re in became really important,” Strasdin explained. For a year and a day, widows were expected to wear full mourning attire, known as “widow’s weeds,” which consisted of matte black crepe fabric with no embellishments, according to Strasdin.

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